Pictured above is our Boise class. Not everyone pictured here took the class of course but...starting on the left there's Susie (she had just turned 60 before this picture was taken...heee heee) and there's Phil Ghi from Massachusetts, Tim and Kira Townsend from Boise, Tim Owens from Washington, Manfred Didier from Germany, Noel B.Weber and young Noel Weber from Boise and then on my knee is our youngest grandson Declan O'Rourke from Indiana...kneeling there beside me is Gary Winebarger with his wife Hilda there keeping him from tipping over.
Well we made it home from Boise late Thursday night February 19 after a great trip out, a great time there and a great trip back. The workshop got off to a less than perfect start as one computer went into cardiac arrest but thanks to Noel B. Webers quick response with a 911 call we were relieved that emergency responders were able to resuscitate it. And then we discovered that one of the CD's in the workbooks had gone missing...luckily I had the files on my laptop and with the help of 3 little memory sticks we were off and running. I was set back on my heals for a bit during the workshop when I went back to Manfred's computer to assist with a problem...his dang computer is in German...it's really the same as the English version but to see it for the first time is quite a shock for sure.

We have restructured our 2 and a half day Workshop into a 2 day Workshop. Friday and Saturday will be 9 hours each...8:00 am - 5:00 pm. We have also restructured the entire Workshop from what they have been in the past.

Also...here's the way we are going about scheduling our workshops as of late...if you have contacted us in the past about our workshops then chances are pretty good that we've got you in our data base. So we look at where there is a good amount of interest, let's say out East for instance, and we look at our calendar and decide on the time and place and we'll let you all know what we are up to as soon as we possibly can. So..in the mean time...keep checking back here for updates and drop us a note or call us now and again at 574-834-7716


I love the look that Mark Summers, the artist that does the engraved style renderings of famous authors for Barnes & Noble Bookstores, creates. (Thanks Karen Charatan for setting me straight on this)

I have just completed a couple trial runs at an attempt to get a resemblance of that look using Photoshop as the tool and some good old fashioned hand work there in to create the woodblock cut styled images to the right (scroll over for the results). For more of this click the image below...