What you'll need to bring...your computer with Photoshop CS, CS2 or CS3 loaded and working properly and just about any version of Illustrator (if you will be using a lap-top be sure it's equipped with a mouse or a tablet.) If this is a problem for you let us know in advance and we'll see what can be done to help you out there.

Here's what you need to know...basic computer skills like opening up files and saving files and basically how to get around in the computer...if you lack these skills let us know and we'll get you out a basics training program in plenty of time so you can get up to speed. Here's what it costs...$495. We do have a buddy system discount also (give Susie a call for details on this)

Here's what you get...a CD and a workbook and...Video CDs with everything and more of what we practice in the Workshop so...when you get home and need a little refresher on some of the topics...pop in the training video and there you go (you keep them)... two 9 hour days of hands-on training (you keep those also) on how to take your rough sketch from the drawing board and into the computer to create digital images that you can use to run plotters and routers and also to do digital printing. Here's what you can's a lot to's a lot of's a lot of fun...and you'll come away with a whole new outlook on this process even if you already have a good solid understanding of the programs.

After all...this workshop has been engineered by a signpainter for signpainters. You'll see how each task is accomplished through a step by step demonstration on a big screen at the front of the class. And then after a few demonstrations with instructions you'll perform the same exercises on your computer...this process is repeated throughout the workshop at a comfortable rate. You'll learn how to take a rough sketch into Photoshop and use the tools available there to do everything that you used to do with a pen, x-acto knife or the brush to create your graphics. You'll learn how to vectorize in Photoshop.

You're started out with simple graphics and progress to more complicated assignments. It's a lot to learn in just 2 days but you'll have plenty of hands on experience to take home with you along with the CD and Workbook and Training Video CDs to refer to as you begin implementing these new practices in your design assignments

You'll be amazed at how fast it will become common practice for you and also how much more mileage you will be getting out of your designs. Here's how you can get registered...check out our upcoming workshops...decide which one will work best for us: 574 834 7716 (ask for Susie)...or Email us.
and we'll get all of the other details necessary to get your seat reserved.

Thank you...we look forward to hearing from you.