I scanned this handsome fellow out of a nice old book from our library and working in Photoshop I brought the halftone image back to a continuous tone....this took maybe 30 seconds...I then used the cloning tool to repair the blemishes...that probably took all of 1 minute.
Click on the image to the left here to view a larger image.
Then just for the heck of it I turned the black and white image into an old time looking sepia tone...this took another whole minutes time. And then I got down to what I really wanted to do...creating a wood block cut, scratch board or engraved appearance. I then set about the vectorizing process. I did this the old fashioned way "by hand"...this took me about 4 hours. That's right 4 hours...but I created it and it's my original artwork now...not some computerized image that could have been generated by anyone with some basic Photoshop knowledge...I don't have the skills to do an actual Scratch Board or Woodblock Cut but...I can achieve positive results with the pen tool in Photoshop and....the paths can now be used for everything from digital printing, plotter cut vinyl and...they can run computer routers also. And...I can resize it anywhere between a postage stamp and a billboard with a click of a button.

The reason I first began developing this face is to use in a screen printed t-shirt. After I sized it to what would be close to the actual size when printed I could see where with dot gain...he was going to go darker than I would like. I simply took the layer with the cut line work on and stroked the center until I arrived at what was satisfactory for the use. Just another example of the flexibility that is afforded one who can develop this type of work.