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Thank you for taking the time to look over our latest Butler Gold Collection.

Susie and I were on our way back from a trip out East and took one of our usual
side road excursions into a “Historical Main Street” town.There was plenty to record
as far as architectural details go and that’s exactly what we did. A couple of door
plates on main caught my eye and gave inspiration to this Butler Gold Collection.
I can’t help but to think back to the time when the artists first sketched these designs
out and then some craftsman applied their skills in creating these examples of door
hardware that have not only survived the ages but continue to give service after well
over a hundred years. I hand digitized these two door plates as accurately as I could
and then broke out the different elements and used them to create the contents of this
volume. Included in this volume are of course the vectored paths that you more than
likely purchased this package for but also included are all of the panels in tiff format that
have been colorized with some sample layouts of copy.