It just makes sense that the iconic Route 66 sign should say something about one of it's more famous admires.

We first read about Bob in a Route 66 magazine and learned that he was a signpainter / traveling artist and that also he was in failing health. We then decided to try and get in touch with him...and then learned that he had already passed. It didn't take long via the internet to find out plenty about this man and we quickly learned that we had missed meeting one of the most imiginative route 66 legends to have ever traveled that highway.

We also discovered
that we had, many years back, put up on the wall in our shop a rather large hand drawn map of New Mexico that turned out to be one of Bob's that we had picked up somewhere along the way and never thought about who had done the drawing until At anyrate here's our tribute to Bob Waldmire...we hope that you will take some time to go researh his life (there's plenty of links all over the internet) and that you'll be able to get an idea about what a unique life style that Bob was able to pull off while he traveled the ever popular Route 66.

How about a little design that combines the connection of Bob Waldmire and his Volkswagen van?
Above is the classic style Bob Walmire loved to work in...his van, the road and whatever nature could show him...that was his inspiration not only for his art but also for his life style!
here are some links to get you started on more about Bob Waldmire...