It is however at this time what we call our collection of eps.vectored files. What are they? They are Illustrator path files that are multi talented....they can drive a plotter or a router or simply act as templates in the construction of designs of all sorts. Where did they come from? They are all original designs created from the mind and the hand of David Butler.

Each element has been first drawn with a pencil and paper and then hand digitized in Photoshop. At the time of this writing we have three Volumes available...each having in the neighborhood of 200 images. Volumes 1 and 2 are priced at $85.00 while Volume 3 is $100.00. Of course this is U.S. funds. To view the elements on any of these volumes simply click the appropriate buttons.


There was plenty to record as far as architectural details go and that’s exactly what we did. A couple of door
plates on main caught my eye and gave inspiration to this Butler Gold Collection. Click on the image at the left there and you'll see what we're talking about